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There is also a summer camp and volunteer days that may interest you and your family It is possible to enjoy Wheeler year round but some in the state also take advantage of the assigned hunting and fishing seasons within the refuge to enjoy their favorite sport. There are 6 developed boat ramps and several undeveloped areas that will let you get your craft on the water. Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, Gulf Shores, AL Much smaller thatn the huge Wheeler refuge, Bon Secour comprises only 7,000 acres. But what it does with that acreage is considerable. Established in 1980 the refuge has been set aside for non-game migratory birds who are making their way south to lower Florida, Mexico or the Caribbean. More than 350 species of birds have been spotted at Bon Secour which makes the refuge a big draw for birders young and old alike.

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Other National Wildlife Refuges in the State of New York have been established to protect the habitat, breeding and nesting areas of wildlife throughout the state but they are also wonderful places to visit and to share with your family. Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Theodore Roosevelt always spoke with great affection for his family dwelling on Oyster Bay. Today that home, Sagamore Hill, is a National Historic Site and it is surrounded by the waters of the Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It appears the TR knew where to put down roots. The Oyster Bay Refuge is protected by law because of the habitat its waters provide for many species of marine life. While the species are important on their own, they also have tremendous value as a food source for fish eating birds and also aquatic mammals like seals and turtles . Their key position on the food chain make it important to protect the habitat for this marine life. The refuge literally gives safe harbor to 25 species of waterfowl and many other species of water birds. As is appropriate Oyster Bay gives space to the last remaining commercial Oyster farm in the State of New York and produces 90% of New York's Oysters. Visiting Oyster Bay is no easy task.