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Flowers and fruit: White flowers appear in the spring and the berries that follow will start out red and ripen to black. Best varieties to try: Cultivars known as A. X grandiflora are crossed with downy serviceberry and are among the showiest in spring and fall. These include 'Autumn Brilliance', 'Ballerina', and 'Princess Diana' Dogwood trees are loved for their beautiful spring blooms and manageable size. They are more than a beautiful specimen in the yard or the edge of woodlands. They provide a significant food source for wildlife. The red berries they produce in the autumn are eaten by many species of birds, as well as squirrels and other wildlife. The dogwood tree is also used for shelter. The natural habitat for dogwoods is in the semi shade of larger trees and this is the environment in which they thrive. Their native habitat is the eastern United States from Florida to Maine. The soil would naturally be rich and high in organic material where they naturally grow due to the decomposition of fallen tree leaves.

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Wildlife Refuge has a brilliant implementation of the task assistance feature. Unlike it games such as Frontierville where you must choose between waiting for assistance from friends and spending real-money, Wildlife Refuge allows players to choose between asking for help and spending normal coins. This minimizes wall and request spam while increasing the utility of normal coins in game. Wildlife Refuge is a fun and engaging game. Interestingly, all major elements in Wildlife Refuge are adapted from other games. It is this process of addition through adaptation that sets Sony's game apart from the rest.