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In this article, I will cover a few of the circumstances when you do need a permit, when you might not, and what to do if you do need it. Generally speaking, an Import Permit is not needed for common, domesticated animal products such as cow, sheep and goat products, rabbit furs and skins, and a number of other unregulated animal-derived products and materials. This would also include avian products like domestic goose down, but you can find a full listing on Fish & Wildlife's website, which you can link to later in the article. Additionally, personal shipments of regulated goods can be exempt from the permit requirement, but this area is a little grayer. If you make an online purchase of a high-end pair of Italian crocodile leather shoes, or 2 or 3 ostrich leather handbags from Australia, chances are good that Fish & Wildlife will not require you to have an Import Permit, if they are coming to you as an individual. However, if you order a large quantity of either, at their discretion, Fish & Wildlife may take a closer look.

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Instead, recycle used oil and antifreeze at a recycling center. **Keep vehicles well-maintained to prevent oil/fuel leakage on the ground and in water. **Place cooking oils and fats in a sealed container in the garbage instead of pouring them down the kitchen drain. **Avoid topping off at the gas pump as it can cause gas to spill onto the ground, and the residue can run off into creeks and our ocean. **Use drip pans when unclipping hoses, unscrewing filters, or removing car parts. **Walk, cycle or even take the bus whenever possible. You may also make a personal contribution to the "Make a Difference" Dawn Saves Wildlife Campaign and effort to reduce oil pollution in our endangered species habitats and waterways by simply continuing to choose Dawn as your preferred brand for dishwashing tasks. Look for Dawn's Special Edition Dish Soap product, a commemoration of the company's long standing environmental efforts, in retail stores now, available for purchase. The Special Edition Dawn Dishwashing Liquid products can be identified by the obvious: A depiction of a bird flying over the Dawn brand logo and the proclamation "Rescuing Wildlife" displayed underneath. Documentary and photographic evidence has been released to the Examiner that concurs with the Examiner report about the Atlantic Ocean being part of the petrochemical-military-industrial complex killing zone. Although the National Center for Atmospheric Research scientist reported that "there have been no reports of oil or residue from the spill anywhere along the East Coast," photos, a video and human suffering indicate otherwise.