Principles and Practice of Plant Conservation

Wildlife Land Trust

florida 'Variegata"adds interest to the foliage. There is a variety called "Plena" that has double flowers. In the United States, there is a group of people that make an impact on the economy of the nation, as well as the economy of the state in which they reside. Most people in this group do not even realize that their hobby creates an economic impact. I am speaking of Wildlife Watchers. In 2006, there were 71 million wildlife watchers in the United States, 148,000 of which were in the state of North Dakota.

Plant Conservation Action Group

The Colorado Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy is scheduled to be updated every 10 years with the first one beginning in 2005. This update will ensure the future of Alabama's wildlife and the habitat it depends on for survival. The career opportunities available in the field of veterinary science are numerous and varied. Careers in wildlife and habitat conservation play a vital role in state and federal animal regulation. Individuals can make a great impact on the growing effort to save the planet by choosing careers that protect and support endangered species and disappearing habitats. Wildlife must be protected all over the world.