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U. S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced federal designation of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday, August 15 at Glacial Park. Related: Open letter regarding the proposed Hackmatack National Wildlife RefugeView slideshow:Glacial Park inside Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge Friends of Hackmatack have advocated for over eight years for the refuge to be added to the 556 national wildlife refuges. This is the only national wildlife refuge in northern Illinois and the closest to Chicago. There are currently seven national wildlife refuges in Illinois. All of them are either straddling the Illinois or the Mississippi River corridors. Chautauqua, Emiquon, and Meridosia are found along the Illinois River southwest of Peoria while Crab Orchard, Middle Mississippi River, Cypress Creek, and Two Rivers straddle the mighty Mississippi River. Glacial Park in McHenry County is inside the new boundary of the newly authorized national wildlife refugePhoto credit: Ted Nelson The closest of these seven refuges to Chicago is Chautauqua, which is over three hours away and a two-hundred mile drive. Hackmatack is only seventy miles north. Hackmatack becomes the tenth national wildlife refuge in Wisconsin.

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Conservation is a factor is having a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. The National Wildlife Federation recommends collecting rainwater, reducing lawn areas and restoring native plants. Each of these will be beneficial to the environment and will help you achieve a wildlife habitat in your own backyard. A garden is a wonderful place and should be enjoyed by humans and wildlife alike. Fostering an inviting environment for wildlife will attract many beneficial animals and promote a vibrant and healthy ecosystem in your garden. First let's get health and safety out of the way. Even shallow ponds can be dangerous to babies, toddlers and small children. Make sure the sides are non-slippery; the bottom is deep enough so that if they fall in they don't knock themselves unconscious and shallow enough so they can stand-up. Better still wait until they can swim and understand the dangers involved with water. For additional safety you can fit a custom made grill over the water surface which will bear the weight of a child to prevent them falling in. Ponds are easy to build and also attract a wealth of wildlife to the garden.