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The National Park has introduced a beetle that feeds exclusive on these insects but it will still take years to produce noticeable results. With the help of beetles and tree vaccines, the Smokies might return to scenic glory. This only scratches the surface of the abundant wildlife found in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Repeat visitors to the Park will begin to look beyond the scenery and historic significance to the beautiful complexity that makes the Smokies such a popular destination in America. If you know a thing or two about wildlife and nature, your niche in the freelance marketplace might be well served in these types of magazines. Many of the top wildlife and nature magazines are written primarily by freelancers, which is fortunate. They often accept unsolicited manuscripts and queries and are likely to take a chance on a newbie. There are hundreds of wildlife and nature magazine markets if you take the time to browse the shelves. Of course, each focuses on a particular area of this broad subject, but that doesn't limit the opportunities. You could write a kid's nature article for Ranger Rick, then switch gears and write about kangaroos on Rottnest Island for National Wildlife Magazine. The possibilities are nearly infinite, specially if you like researching nature and wildlife.

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The refuge will do more than help wildlife. It will add beauty and excitement to the land, thereby making it a more delightful place for people as well as animals. WHAT DO ANIMALS NEED? Animals look for four things; food, water, hiding places, and nesting places. What attracts a hummingbird won't interest a robin or a squirrel. Hummingbirds feed on nectar and insects that haunt the throats of flowers. They will be attracted by petunias, weigela, and wisteria to name a few. Robins eat earthworms and ground insects. You need moist, rich soil to attract them. Squirrels seem to be attracted to many things. Every home we have ever lived has had an abundance of squirrels. I think they have always been attracted to our apple trees.