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. (Kaufman and Franz, 1993, 357). Poachers hunt down animals like elephants and rhinoceros for their ivory, and leave the rest of the butchered animal to rot. Shark finning is in line with ivory harvesting. In this case the sharks are captured alive and their fins are cut off and the shark is then tossed back into the water where it drowns. Habitat loss is also a major problem for wildlife.

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It is a great way to not only learn more about endangered and threatened animals, but to also have the opportunity to come up close and personal with these beautiful and majestic creatures. A few years back forensic science became a hot topic, causing crime dramas to crawl out of the woodwork and invade our TV sets. CSI: Las Vegas, Miami, New York. where is CSI: Omaha? Of course, the popularity of forensic science is warranted, seeing how forensics uses the latest in technology and biology to bring criminals to justice and solve crimes.