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After years of planning, gauging public opinion, and study, the grassroots effort of establishing a National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin has come to fruition with the authorization of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. U. S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced federal designation of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday, August 15 at Glacial Park. Related: Open letter regarding the proposed Hackmatack National Wildlife RefugeView slideshow:Glacial Park inside Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge Friends of Hackmatack have advocated for over eight years for the refuge to be added to the 556 national wildlife refuges. This is the only national wildlife refuge in northern Illinois and the closest to Chicago. There are currently seven national wildlife refuges in Illinois. All of them are either straddling the Illinois or the Mississippi River corridors. Chautauqua, Emiquon, and Meridosia are found along the Illinois River southwest of Peoria while Crab Orchard, Middle Mississippi River, Cypress Creek, and Two Rivers straddle the mighty Mississippi River. Glacial Park in McHenry County is inside the new boundary of the newly authorized national wildlife refugePhoto credit: Ted Nelson The closest of these seven refuges to Chicago is Chautauqua, which is over three hours away and a two-hundred mile drive. Hackmatack is only seventy miles north.

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An extensive formal review is scheduled to occur every 10 years. These reviews and revisions are necessary for wildlife conservation as well as protection for key habitats in Utah. Wildlife Refuge is a Facebook game produced by Sony. Wildlife Refuge is a unique blend of animal raising, farming, and exploration packaged into a casual role-playing game. Despite some minor annoyances, Wildlife Refuge is the most fun and engaging Facebook game released to date. The premise of Wildlife Refuge is that you are in charge of creating a safe haven for wild animals that you find while on safari. The game blends an "Exploration" mode which involves driving a jeep and examining items in the desert with a "Refuge" mode which involves farming, building, and raising animals. The interaction between the two modes is seamless and gameplay is improved by the use two distinct time-sensitive resources. "Energy" is consumed by watering plants, constructing buildings, and tending to animals on the refuge while "Fuel" is consumed by exploring on safari. Wildlife Refuge will attract a variety of players from across the universe of Facebook games. Fans of Frontierville will enjoy the exploration mode, Pet Society players will love raising new animals, and Farmville fanatics will quickly gravitate towards crop growing.