Plant Conservation Tropics

Wildlife Underpasses

There were, oh, about a gazillion miles worth and, of course, fool that I am, immediately made plans to walk every kilometer; whatever that means. I bought the right shoes and the right clothes for all four seasons. I bought a compass; a pedometer, and, the slickest walking stick you ever did see. The words "Hand me down my walkin' stick" were emblazoned in my mind. By the way, what song was that? But the miles and the animals they were awaiting, and, I was no average idiot; I excelled at it. I chose as my first conquest, a hiking trail in our city that had the name "animal" in it. One was assured of getting close to nature. I found that sometimes you can get too close. Wildlife is wonderful; animals are wonderful. The important thing though, is to make sure you know what wildlife is; at least which wildlife it is you want to see. Hornets are wildlife; I saw them; I didn't want to see them.

Animal Digest

Wildlife Refuge includes an in-game assistant, named Dr. Alicia, who will assist with context-driven help menus. For more information at any point in the game, Wildlife Refuge players can click on Dr. Alicia for assistance. Sony's implementation of Dr. Alicia as an in-game helper evokes bad memories of the paper clip from Microsoft Office.