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To get to the Moose Visitor Center, take Colorado 14 west from Fort Collins and through scenic Poudre Canyon. Go 75 miles to the visitor center. Once you reach Cameron Pass, you're officially in the state forest and about 8 miles from the visitor center, accessible off County Road 4. Alternatively, you can reach the Walden area via I-70 to Granby and north on State Highway 125. Another opportunity to see moose nearby is the Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, just south of Walden off Highway 125. The refuge features a half-mile interpretive nature trail which winds along the Illinois River.

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Riverside Reptile Ranch is now called Riverside Wildlife Center; I think this must be because they have much more than reptiles now, including two tigers and a lion. The tigers are male and female and were quite content with just laying there. The female did grant us the pleasure of watching her try to chase the emu as it was running, but since she couldn't get to it through the two fences that separated her and the emu she decided to just sit and let us take pictures instead. We then saw a bobcat and several other species of big cats, ending with Leo, the lion. He was happy to us and came over to the fence so our tour guide could give him a scratch through the fence. We were farther back, behind another fence.