Plant Conservation Strategy

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Wildlife must be protected all over the world. Delicate ecosystems depend on the symbiotic relationships of plants, animals, and humankind. Without the careful transfer of pollens, seeds, and even bacteria many endangered areas and animals would disappear from the landscape. It is important that we, as the keepers of the planet, do what we can on an individual basis to care for the plants and animals in our areas. To take things a step further than outside your front door, you might consider becoming a wildlife preservationist. Many of the same animal sciences and biosciences will be involved with this career path as others in veterinary medicine and research areas.

Wildlife Quilt Patterns

An extensive formal review is scheduled to occur every 10 years. These reviews and revisions are necessary for wildlife conservation as well as protection for key habitats in North Dakota. Throughout the nation there is an important struggle taking place. This struggle is the fight to save wildlife and the habitat they depend on for survival. There are many partners in this struggle, including the United States Fish and Wildlife Services, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and state wildlife agencies. These entities have come together to practice wildlife conservation by developing a wildlife action plan or the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy for each state.