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For example, bluebirds and mockingbirds are notorious for fighting over territory. If you plan to include a variety of birdhouses, be certain to provide adequate space between them to avoid territorial conflict. Species that do not defend territories include wood ducks and purple martins. Give Them Plenty of Greenery When creating your backyard wildlife habitat it's important to include a diverse selection of native plants, trees and shrubs. Incorporating these elements will help you easily provide food and shelter to your chosen wildlife. Additionally, native plants tend to be hardy plants that require less maintenance.

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Once these five steps have been met, you will fill out an application and pay a $15. 00 processing fee. There are approximately more than 70,000 backyards certified at this time. A certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat will nurture wildlife year round. This is especially important now that more residential and commercial development is leaving birds and wildlife without homes. We can at least give them back a small portion of that environment by sharing our backyards in every season.