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S. Fish and Wildlife Service, our National Wildlife Refuge system is the world's best collection of public lands and waters set aside to conserve America's fish, wildlife, and plants. Since President Theodore Roosevelt designated Florida's Pelican Island as the first wildlife refuge in 1903, the refuge system has grown to more than 150 million acres, 556 national wildlife refuges and other units, plus 38 wetland management districts. As settlers moved west, ecosystems began to shrink as people moved onto lands occupied by wildlife. No one cared about wildlife conservation in the 1800's until a special gray wolf touched the heart of a unique man. From a battle of wits grew an awareness of a need for wildlife conservation that slowly changed America's view of wildlife. This is a true story of how a gray wolf changed a man and America forever. Lobo was the alpha male of the Currumpaw wolf pack, the last remaining gray wolf pack in northern New Mexico. Ernest Thompson Seton, a wolf expert, had been hired by local ranchers in a town called Clayton to hunt down Lobo and kill him by any means necessary. In October of 1893 Ernest Seton rode into town expecting the job to take only a few weeks. By the time he arrived, most of the wolves had already been killed.

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