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The last outlaw wolf of northern New Mexico died sometime during the night. Saddened by his death, Seton laid Lobo next to Blanca. Lobo's death had a profound affect on Ernest Seton and he never killed another one. Ernest Thompson Seton is the godfather of wildlife conservation and was a self taught biologist, naturalist, writer, artist and wolf hunter. With Lobo's death, Seton finally understood all animals had value and knew wildlife conservation was needed to protect all wildlife for future generations. He lobbied congress and got laws protecting wildlife and the land and today's environmental laws grew from his lobbying efforts for wildlife conservation.

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" The next step involves creating a sketch of your design. It doesn't matter if you have no artistic ability. Just get your ideas down on paper and fine-tune later. Start by standing in your backyard and drawing a sketch of the elements that are already in place. Decide where you would like to place a water feature. Sketch in new trees, shrubs, and plants and experiment with various layouts that will suit your needs. Another option is to cut photos from a magazine or download images from the Internet. Arrange the images in the manner you intend to plant them, than paste them onto a poster board or piece of paper. Take photos of your backyard and use them as a reference point. You might want to shop around for landscaping software that allows you to upload your photos. Many of the landscaping software programs will allow you to add in different elements to see if they provide you with the results you are seeking.