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You will also have the chance to interact with them and see them up close and in person. Riverside Reptile Ranch and Wildlife Center is a great roadside attraction in Sullivan, MO. It is on the same road as Meramec Caverns and offers visitors an animal experience like no other. You will enter through the gift shop. You will be greeted by a friendly face and maybe a dog or two. After paying you will be greeted by your tour guide.

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For example, zoos are fully aware that for cheetahs to breed they must not be kept together all the time. This awareness has enabled one zoo to successfully breed cheetah cubs at an average of five per year. Zoos play a very important role in educating the public about animal conservation. For instance, the signs and posters that zoos put up help make conservation problems more comprehensible. The public's contact with the animals furthers concern for the latter's problems. Also, most zoos today have functional divisions that provide relevant information and first-hand experience to school-children - things that are otherwise not offered in the school classroom. Additionally, zoos afford an opportunity for scientists to make further researches, particularly about the conditions in which diverse species will flourish. Years ago, the practice of using animals to do certain maneuvers or tricks, or to give rides, was considered unnatural and deemed even injurious. It was only recently when it was ascertained that such activities in fact prevent boredom in animals, thereby enhancing their overall well-being. Toys, and sometimes even televisions, are provided by zoos to some animals to prevent them from being weary and restless. In some zoos, monkeys are made to solve puzzles so they can get at their food.