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Tips for Family Successful Wildlife Watching: For your child's safety as well as wildlife teach them to watch from a distance quietly. Children love using binoculars to get close-up views. Never let your child following larger animals too closely to get a photograph or a better look. Large animals such as bears, bison, elk, sheep, and mountain lions are dangerous. Teach children to see, read and obey all signs. Signs posting closed areas, fire danger, rock slides, do not feed the animals etc.

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Visitors are invited to tour at their own pace through the rolling hills while they feed and photograph these splendid creatures. Animals from India, Africa, Japan, and other countries graze and mingle there in harmony in an environment much like their own native lands. Zebras, donkeys, antelope, elk, kangaroos, alligators, camels, water buffalo, Sika deer, numerous fowl, and a Canadian Woods Bison all greet excited vacationers. There's even a medium sized bovine with large, long horns called a Watusi! Admission fee includes a bag of feed for the animals and all day admission to the park. Other attractions of Cherokee Trace are group rates, a behind-the-scenes educational tour available to those interested, a gift shop, beautiful shaded picnic areas, and beautifully decorated Bed and Breakfast pine cabins. Just a hop, skip and a jump to the north is another exotic wildlife park called Grapeland Drive Thru Safari.