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"The whale was rotting, had probably been dead for a few days to a week, was likely a sub-adult, and parts of its carcass had been eaten by sharks. That same day, NOAA observers on another vessel at the Macondo well site in the Gulf saw five sperm whales, including a juvenile, covered in oil. Two days later, NOAA issued a press release about the dead whale, announcing that it would have tests conducted to determine the cause of death. "The unfortunate whale, and some revealing e-mail exchanges, including the revelation that the crew of the Pisces was instructed not to post or disseminate any pictures they took. There were not any results of the tests that were conducted into the cause of the whale's demise," Greenpeace reports. What they received, and released Wednesday, was a trove of photographs of that unfortunate whale, revealing e-mail exchanges containing alarming information.

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This update will ensure the future of Florida's wildlife and the habitat it depends on for survival. Florida is known as a natural paradise. People have vacationed and settled in Florida since the days of the pioneers and Henry Morrison Flagler's railroad. Many groups in Florida feel impassioned to take action to preserve and protect its uniquely beautiful environment and precious resources. Florida's natural beauty is being preserved for future generations through Florida wildlife grants. A Florida wildlife grant is based on the conservation needs in Florida to preserve natural habitats and their wildlife. Florida wildlife grants financially support the efforts of environmental conservationist group projects and bring attention to urgent environmental issues, such as human encroachment, pollution and extinction of rare or endangered species. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy manages the wildlife grants program within the state through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Congress asked Florida and other states to develop a plan to protect natural environments. Florida created strategies to prevent future depletion of its natural habitat to curtail the high maintenance costs to the state. This federally funded program provides financial support for conservation projects that meet specific criteria.