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There is a limit of 3 turkeys per hunter. It isn't uncommon in rural areas, just outside of metro-Atlanta to see turkeys strutting around yards, and out into the streets, and this with Thanksgiving around the corner. Either turkeys aren't very smart, or they realize they can't be hunted this time of year. Dove hunting is also popular in Georgia. The seasons for dove hunting vary throughout the year. The current schedule is September 1-15, October 6-15, and November 22 - January 5. Fox and bobcat are not animals we like running around Georgia. They tend to contract and spread rabies. It seems as we encroach on their territory they are becoming more aggressive. Fox and bobcat catches are unlimited and hunting is allowed from December 1 - February 29. October 15-February 29, grouse hunting is permitted.

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Just make sure you shell out for the corn because half the fun is feeding these incredibly friendly animals. I rarely write an absolutely glowing review of anything, but our experience at the Global Wildlife Center was perfect and exceeded every expectation we had. Biodiversity is all of the different varieties of species that inhabit the planet. Genetic differences within a species can mean differences in shape, size, smell, and color. Diversity of populations are "measured in both the number of individuals within a local group--the size of the loon population in northern Wisconsin--and the distribution of a species' geographic range--the presence of loon populations from Alaska to Maine" (How Do Scientists Define Biodiversity). The variety of species within a natural community means all the various species in a particular habitat.