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Wildlife Nurseries

The grouse limit in Georgia is three per day. Marsh hens are also hunted for food. The hunting season for Marsh hens is extensive, as is the number of Marsh hens. Marsh hens may be hunted statewide from September 22- November 11, and November 17 - December 15. Marsh hens are a great way to stock the freezer, and with a limit of 15 a day, a decent hunter can stock up. Quail and rabbit may be hunted November 17- February 29. There is plenty of time for quail and rabbit hunting. Opossum season, October 15 - February 29, coincides partially with quail and rabbit season. Hunters should feel free to bag an unlimited number of opossum and haul them out of Georgia. Otherwise, typical Georgia style, we will sit on the porch and shoot opossum as they creep into the yard at night. My beagles love to tree opossum, but I don't care for the rabid, little creatures.

Wildlife Management Degree

Opossums aren't afraid of man. In fact, I might go so far as to say that they have an attitude. They seem to want to fight. Additionally, they are very ugly. I don't have anything against ugly, unless it scares me; opossums scare me. After a while, I remembered there were badgers in those woods as well as foxes and some wild dogs.