Plant Conservation Day 2010

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In his heart, he knew wildlife needed protection and began thinking of ways to preserve the wilderness. Early thoughts of wildlife conservation were beginning to take shape in his mind. Ernest Seton finally got a break in his search for Lobo. He discovered the gray wolf's tracks alongside a stream. As he studied them, he noticed two sets. Lobo had an alpha female, a beautiful white wolf named Blanca. Knowing the loyalty of a wolf to his mate, Ernest Seton quickly devised a plan. He would use Blanca as bait to capture Lobo. The wolf had found and tripped every buried trap Seton had set out. His scheme involved setting traps knowing Lobo would disarm them. As the huge wolf kicked debris on the traps, Blanca investigated a narrow pass.

Animal Upon Animal

Almost any food found in your kitchen will be welcomed by some creature in your refuge. But remember that each animal has specific food needs. And like people, it also has favorite foods. If you provide an animal's favorite foods, you will increase the chances of attracting the animal to your garden. Water. A year-round supply of water will attract animals that you would not otherwise see. Animals need water for drinking and bathing. Some animals live in water, at least for part of their lives. Some animals need water to produce mud for nest building. Water can be provided in a pool, a birdbath, or through a dripping faucet or hose. A pool-for wildlife, not swimming-can be any size and shape.