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Fish and Wildlife Service. The Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp act passed in 1934 and Darling designed the artwork for the first Federal Duck Stamp. Since that time, the Federal Duck Stamp program has generated over $700 million dollars for purchase of 5. 2 million acres of National Wildlife Refuge land. Darling used the Duck Stamp idea to craft NWF conservation stamps, an instrumental way for the early organization to raise funds. In 1936 under Darling's urging, President Franklin Roosevelt invited thousands of sportsmen and conservationists representing hundreds of groups from garden clubs to hunters to the American Wildlife Conference. Darling understood that to effect change he needed to unite disparate organizations and speak with one voice. The NWF has its beginnings in this first unifying American Wildlife Conference. From its start, the NWF focused attention on conserving wildlife resources - the animals and their habitat. Throughout its history NWF has served as spokesperson and lobbyist for conservation efforts. NWF focused its and its members' attention on passage of key legislation such as the Dingall-Johnson Act, US Wilderness Act, Water Pollution Control Act, Endangered Species Conservation Act and dozens more.

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Deer hunters are restricted to 12 deer per year, and must not shoot anything smaller than a four point deer. Squirrels are fair game August 15 - February 20. There is a limit of 12 per day, which could be shot from any front porch in rural. November 3 - February 28 crows are in season. Georgians encourage you to visit and bag as many crow as you can handle. There is no limit on the number of crows you may hunt.