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Urban sprawl is rapidly advancing across the United States. Dense forests and vast prairies are being broken up, deforested and developed in a patchwork of neighborhoods and shopping malls, cutting animals off from hunting grounds, breeding areas and protective habitats. The grass lawns, streets and parking lots that are resurrected in their place do little to provide any of these important functions to local wildlife populations threatened by urban or suburbanization, creating a significant risk for entire species of wild animals. Urbanization is a problem for the environment. However, there is a solution. Urbanization does not have to mean an "us or them" proposition between humans and wildlife.

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Today, with the help of scientific research, most zoos try to create an environment that closely resembles the animals' natural surroundings. Many of the zoos today also try to make their visitors more cognizant of the distinctive behavior of each animal and of the importance of their (zoos') conservation efforts. The presence of certain species in zoos guarantees their continued existence or prevents their kind from becoming extinct. One very important tool in ensuring the conservation of endangered species is 'captive breeding. ' Many species have been bred successfully inside zoos and a number of them are now being reintroduced in their respective habitats. A complete cognizance of the species involved is required to achieve a high degree of success in captive breeding. For example, zoos are fully aware that for cheetahs to breed they must not be kept together all the time. This awareness has enabled one zoo to successfully breed cheetah cubs at an average of five per year. Zoos play a very important role in educating the public about animal conservation. For instance, the signs and posters that zoos put up help make conservation problems more comprehensible. The public's contact with the animals furthers concern for the latter's problems.