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With the help of beetles and tree vaccines, the Smokies might return to scenic glory. This only scratches the surface of the abundant wildlife found in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Repeat visitors to the Park will begin to look beyond the scenery and historic significance to the beautiful complexity that makes the Smokies such a popular destination in America. If you know a thing or two about wildlife and nature, your niche in the freelance marketplace might be well served in these types of magazines. Many of the top wildlife and nature magazines are written primarily by freelancers, which is fortunate. They often accept unsolicited manuscripts and queries and are likely to take a chance on a newbie.

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These agencies are to be included in creating these policies and incentives. Infrastructure development projects are to be planned for sites that are near development corridors and urban areas, not in areas that will have an effect on GCN species and key habitats. Transportation system planning will include wildlife conservation and existing transportation systems will better understand wildlife conservation. State and federal wildlife agencies will work closely with city and county agencies, public land managers, federal and local land managers, land trusts and conservancies for protection of wildlife habitats by creating and implementing conservation plans. State and local agencies should provide for adequate water needs when planning regional water supply programs and should secure contracts for long-term wetland and instream flow management. Local, state and federal agencies should take better actions to eradicate or control invasive species as well as for preventing new introductions of invasive species.