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You can tell them what you have been up to and they can send you a Christmas card telling you about what they have been doing. The National Wildlife Federation has a wonderful selection of Christmas cards that are high quality and lovely. You can pick out cards with wild animal themes or beautiful country scenes. You can find a card that fits you in the National Wildlife Federation card collection. The Christmas cards from the National Wildlife Federation are unique. You can pick out a card with a buffalo on it or a wolf. The cards at the National Wildlife Federation are also of snow men and country homes. Visit the National Wildlife Federation and see what they have to offer in Christmas cards and other merchandise. If you wish you can get personalized Christmas cards from the National Wildlife Federation for an extra fee. Or you can get already made cards with messages that express how you feel about Christmas and wildlife. The National Wildlife Federation offers religious cards and cards about planting trees.

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Always innovating, the NWF website reaches even more children and their parents. In 2007, NWF sponsored the Green Hour to provide parents with ideas to get their children outside and engaged in nature. In 2009, the Green Hour effort merged into NWF's current children's campaign Be Out There And it's not just children NWF works to connect to nature. NWF's wildlife habitat certification program provides individuals resources and assistance in creating habitat within their own backyard. The NWF site also offers a Nature Find search engine to connect people with outdoor venues and activities. Visiting National Wildlife Refuges in New York State is not always an easy matter. But the experience is usually more than worth whatever effort you put in to accessing the refuge. President Theodore Roosevelt was the founder and prime mover behind the National Wildlife Refuge system. His Sagamore Hill home in Oyster Bay still stands fittingly adjacent to the Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge, a spot that he knew and loved well. Other National Wildlife Refuges in the State of New York have been established to protect the habitat, breeding and nesting areas of wildlife throughout the state but they are also wonderful places to visit and to share with your family. Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge.