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Typically, a stock photo agency will pay a commission per photo sold. This commission is often low, maybe 25 cents to 35 cents per photo. However, with online agencies able to reach a greater number of buyers, this small change can add up quickly. IStockphoto is an agency that sells wildlife photography. Search online or browse through Photographer's Market to find book publishers interested in buying wildlife photos. Companies with an educational or environmental slant are your best bets for selling your photos. These organizations use a number of wildlife photos to get their message across. Send out queries, including samples of your photography work to spark their interest in buying your photos. Browse through the magazine area at your local library or do an online search for nature magazines in need of wildlife photos. Photographer's Market is another source for finding magazines that buy wildlife photos. Showcase your portfolio of wildlife photos on your own website.

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Fortunately, a number of ways are available which allow you to support causes that only will only cost you a little time, not extra money. The World Wildlife Fund has been protecting the future of nature for over 45 years. WWF field staff work on projects in more than 100 countries to conserve endangered species and their habitats. The World Wildlife Fund invented and pioneered the conservation trust fund, one of the most important financial mechanisms in conservation today, and was the first conservation organization to work in China, where they have partnered with the Chinese government on panda conservation since 1979. Show your support by sending free e-cards with many different images of animals and taking action by sending letters using the forms provided by WWF. Learn more about the World Wildlife Fund on their website at http://worldwildlife.