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Another alternative for water is to have a small pond installed in your backyard. These do not have to be large or expensive either. There are various size pond kits with liners available for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Water with movement will attract more birds and wildlife. There must be places provided for wildlife to hide in order to feel safe in the backyard. These places can vary depending on the particular wildlife. Shrubs and trees will provide both cover and nesting places for some wildlife. Others would actually use dead trees for their natural homes and would benefit from birdhouses and nesting boxes. Sometimes providing homes and cover for wildlife can be as simple as adding rocks or a log. There are many things that can be purchased or made at home that can provide cover or places to raise young in a backyard habitat. Birdhouses, butterfly houses, bat houses and homes for toads are readily available to buy.

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Despite some minor annoyances, Wildlife Refuge is the most fun and engaging Facebook game released to date. The premise of Wildlife Refuge is that you are in charge of creating a safe haven for wild animals that you find while on safari. The game blends an "Exploration" mode which involves driving a jeep and examining items in the desert with a "Refuge" mode which involves farming, building, and raising animals. The interaction between the two modes is seamless and gameplay is improved by the use two distinct time-sensitive resources. "Energy" is consumed by watering plants, constructing buildings, and tending to animals on the refuge while "Fuel" is consumed by exploring on safari. Wildlife Refuge will attract a variety of players from across the universe of Facebook games. Fans of Frontierville will enjoy the exploration mode, Pet Society players will love raising new animals, and Farmville fanatics will quickly gravitate towards crop growing. It is this clever mix of elements take from other popular games which makes Wildlife Refuge entertaining and addicting. Wildlife Refuge includes an in-game assistant, named Dr. Alicia, who will assist with context-driven help menus. For more information at any point in the game, Wildlife Refuge players can click on Dr.