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At the Wildlife Conservation Society's web site, donations to support saving wildlife and wild places can be made. There also is guidance for 'Take Action' steps such as writing to Congress. From the Wildlife Conservation Society's home page, there are links to the Bronx Zoo, the New York Aquarium, the Central Park Zoo, and the Prospect Zoo. A visit to those zoos or another wildlife park near you builds knowledge integration. Additionally, the listed zoos have volunteer and/or young learner opportunities. Building a naturalist intelligence enhances a learner's insights into the integrity of life and the process of life in a connected world.

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These collect the water when it rains. To alleviate concerns about West Nile virus, I need to empty these saucers and refill them periodically. A couple of years ago, I removed a patch of lawn that was the low spot in my yard and replaced it with a rain garden. This area, which was next to my driveway, flooded after every hard rain storm leaving a swampy mess. I replaced it with native plants that love moist soil. Now, instead of adding to the run-off that makes it into the sewer system, the water percolates slowly into the ground.