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"Eco-tourism, generates at least $500 billion per year worldwide" (Sustaining Biodiversity) There are many ways wildlife extinction has an influence on the world. "Biologists conservatively estimate that the current rate of extinction is at least 1,000 to 10,000 times the rate before we arrived. This amounts to an annual extinction rate of 0. 1% to 1% per year. " These estimated extinction rats are startling and noteworthy. "1% extinction rate at least 20% of the world's current animal and plant species could be gone by 2030 and 50% could vanish by the end of this century.

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Poachers hunt down animals like elephants and rhinoceros for their ivory, and leave the rest of the butchered animal to rot. Shark finning is in line with ivory harvesting. In this case the sharks are captured alive and their fins are cut off and the shark is then tossed back into the water where it drowns. Habitat loss is also a major problem for wildlife. (Kaufman and Franz, 1993, 357). This is caused by human developments encroaching on wild areas, and because of deforestation for agriculture or lumber.