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The problem with these nonnative species is that they have no "natural predators, competitors, parasites, or pathogens" that control their population. (Sustaining Biodiversity). Poaching and hunting is another cause of wildlife extinction, but it is a very lucrative business so it is popular. Predator control is also causing extinction. "Since 1929 U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service's vital Wildlife Without Borders Program, whose Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Fund supports several, freshwater turtle and tortoise conservation projects around the world. Knowledge fits to focus and action. That integration is evident as Jim Breheny, the Wildlife Conservation Society's Executive Vice President and Bronx Zoo Director, indicates: 'This has been the mission of the Wildlife Conservation Society from the very beginning, to bring its expertise for the achievement of one conservation goal: saving species from extinction. More than a century ago, WCS led the way to save the American bison from extinction in North America by breeding animals at the Bronx Zoo and sending their offspring to wild places in the west. Now our zoos, zoological health program, and field conservationists plan to do the same for some of the world's most endangered turtles.

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In wildlife photography you should try to make your photographs as natural as possible. Taking headshots during wildlife photography is not a very good idea; instead you should focus more on shooting the pictures which shows animals in motion. For headshots, I think zoo would be a better place. Now, for doing wildlife photography, you may need to shoot pictures while traveling in a vehicle. Most of the animals in wildlife national parks have got used to of seeing vehicles so they allow the vehicles to come close to them. Either you can decide to take an open roof vehicle such as a Jeep or you can shoot from the open windows of a closed roof vehicle. You should try to do wildlife photography in the best light and with the tripod. When it is not feasible to use tripod then you should try beanbags. When you are in a vehicle taking photographs and the road also is not clear then it would be really difficult for you to take stable wildlife photographs thus you may want to go for Image stabilization lenses, if you can afford them as they are a bit costly. You can even find wildlife subjects without going to a far away forest. Subjects like frog, lizard etc.