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First, land can be set aside to give wildlife a permanent and secure place to live that is protected against poaching, harvesting of timbers and animals, and that is free from the threat of human development. In order to make long term gains in conservation and wildlife protection, the public also needs to be re-educated on the importance of conservation and protecting the ecosystems of the world, and the importance of biodiversity to the quality of human life. Conservation efforts should not only educate people on setting aside land, but also on the importance of reducing the amount of resources that each person consumes, from energy consumption to items purchased in a department store. Better choices in product selection also should be encouraged to help people select products that are recyclable, to purchase fewer or no disposable products, to buy products that will last, to purchase cleaning products that are earth friendly, and not to purchase wildlife products like shark-fin soup, turtle, or endangered species of fish like certain varieties of sea bass. Another thing that people can do to help protect biodiversity is to consume a wider variety of plants and animals. Feral animals should also be removed from ecosystems that they don't belong to in order to allow the native populations to recover. Finally, pollution needs to be cleaned up, emission standards should be set, and more bio-friendly energy sources and products need to be developed to help reduce our dependency on products and energy sources that negatively impact the world and its wildlife. There are few greater rewards in life than having wildlife visit or reside your backyard. Not only will they provide you with endless hours of entertainment, they can also help reduce your stress level and may even lower your blood pressure! Whether you have a small patio or 20-acres of land, you can turn it into a backyard wildlife habitat that is stunningly beautiful and richly rewarding. You can attract songbirds, butterflies, amphibians, squirrels, rabbits or even larger wildlife such as deer or moose. The purpose of creating a wildlife landscape is to encourage wildlife to visit or take up residence in your backyard.

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Some varieties have pink buds which turn to white when fully opened. The fruits will appear in the late summer in red or yellow. The crabapple varieties with the smallest fruits are best for birds. Best Varieties to try: 'Donald Wyman" (white flowers), 'Mary Potter' (white flowers), 'Bob White" (dark pink buds turn to white flowers) Every yard needs an evergreen for birds and this is a beneficial tree to plant. The tree is a beautiful addition to any landscape and adds the silvery blue evergreen needles that are a great accompaniment for so many plants. Some Colorado blue spruces can grow quite large, so know which size you're getting to be sure there is ample space for it.