Global Strategy for Plant Conservation Target 8

Wildlife Game Cameras

Every home we have ever lived has had an abundance of squirrels. I think they have always been attracted to our apple trees. My boys and I like to watch the robins and the squirrels chase each other in the spring. Food. Like people, most animals must eat all year round. So it is important that a wildlife refuge provide food throughout the year.

Wildlife Group

State and local agencies water system decisions should be monitored to ensure that sufficient water amounts have been allocated for wildlife needs as well as integrated water plans implemented regionally. The prioritized invasive species status and trends will be monitored. Riparian habitats throughout the state should have priority areas for conservation and restoration mapped. These same areas should be monitored for trends and population status. Goals are to be established for improved wildlife habitat lands and monitoring should occur on acres where improvements for wildlife conditions have occurred. Climate change effects on GCN species and key habitat should be monitored.