Future Habitat Loss and the Conservation of Plant Biodiversity

Wildlife Land Trust

A personalized certificate will be sent to you stating that your yard is now a part of the National Registry of Backyard Wildlife Habitat sites. They will also send a quarterly newsletter for helpful tips and a subscription for one year to the National Wildlife magazine. There is also a sign that can be ordered to post in your yard to proudly announce that your yard is dedicated to wildlife conservation and the environment. The National Wildlife Federation will also send a press release to your local newspaper to announce your certification, but only with your permission. A yard becomes eligible for certification with five basic elements as required by the Wildlife Federation. Once these five steps have been met, you will fill out an application and pay a $15.

Animal Kingdom Hours

Even shallow ponds can be dangerous to babies, toddlers and small children. Make sure the sides are non-slippery; the bottom is deep enough so that if they fall in they don't knock themselves unconscious and shallow enough so they can stand-up. Better still wait until they can swim and understand the dangers involved with water. For additional safety you can fit a custom made grill over the water surface which will bear the weight of a child to prevent them falling in. Ponds are easy to build and also attract a wealth of wildlife to the garden. It can be small enough to float sticks on or big enough to sale small boats.