Essay on Plant Conservation

Plant Conservation Malaysia

The spicebush gets its name from the spicy scent of the bark and leaves. It's grows slow in full sun to part shade with moist soil. The berries are only produced on the female plant so the male and female plants are needed for fruit production. Flowers and fruit: Pale yellow flowers in spring with red or orange berries in late summer or fall. Best varieties: A variety with orange-yellow berries is called 'Xanthocarpa" and a male pollinator shrub with large flowers is 'Green Gold' The flowering crabapple is a small deciduous tree that's loved by humans as well as birds. The flowers of the crabapple are extremely showy. Bees and butterflies love the flowers. Hummingbirds will also visit the flowers if you live in a zone where the hummers arrive early enough for the crabapple tree's early spring display. Many flowering crabapple trees also have attractive fall foliage. It prefers full sun. Flowers and fruit: The tree blooms in pink, white or red flowers in spring.

Wildlife Habitat Council

When I wanted an ornamental tree for my front yard, I chose a redbud, a native species, instead of a magnolia or callery pear. I was fortunate in that my front yard already came planted with a linden (Tilia americana). Wildlife needs places to hide from people, predators, and inclement weather. There are many ways to provide these places to hide, called cover. The first and simplest way to provide cover is to build a brush pile. You can build a brush pile with old branches or use your natural Christmas tree when it's time to take it down.