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Additionally, wildlife requires shelter for nesting. Shelter can be in the form of trees, shrubs, brush piles, rock formations and hollow logs. Whenever possible, provide food and water near the shelter area. Space: While space is an important part of the backyard wildlife habitat, you don't need an expansive backyard to encourage creatures to visit or nest in your yard if you provide the basic elements of food, water and shelter. It's important to remember that most species establish their territory and will ferociously defend it. For example, bluebirds and mockingbirds are notorious for fighting over territory. If you plan to include a variety of birdhouses, be certain to provide adequate space between them to avoid territorial conflict. Species that do not defend territories include wood ducks and purple martins. Give Them Plenty of Greenery When creating your backyard wildlife habitat it's important to include a diverse selection of native plants, trees and shrubs. Incorporating these elements will help you easily provide food and shelter to your chosen wildlife. Additionally, native plants tend to be hardy plants that require less maintenance.

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"About 25 million U. S. households have exotic birds as pets, 85% of them imported. More than 60 bird species, mostly parrots, are endangered or threatened because of this wild bird trade" (Sustaining Biodiversity). The reason that pollution and climate change also impacts species and causes extinction because of pesticides and rapid climate change. "According to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, each year in the United States, pesticides kill about one-fifth of the country's beneficial honeybee colonies, more than 67 million birds, and 6-14 million fish. They also threaten about one-fifth of the country's endangered and threatened species" (Sustaining Biodiversity). Humans are causing wildlife extinction to happen a lot faster than it should. The impact of deforestation on wildlife extinction is severe.