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Because the Macondo well capping was unsuccessful, or a well-orchestrated media "sham," as the oil insider Matt Simmons had said, the oil and methane have been leaking ever since. Huge amounts of gases including methane and pentane spewed from the Macondo oil well, along with at least 206 million gallons of crude oil that is still filling the gulf today. The journal Nature Geoscience, University of Georgia oceanographers estimated months ago that 500,000 tons of gaseous hydrocarbons escaped during the spill and the gas leak was equivalent to a minimum of 1. 6-1. 9 million barrels of oil, but could be as high as or 2. 2-3.

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Finally, pollution needs to be cleaned up, emission standards should be set, and more bio-friendly energy sources and products need to be developed to help reduce our dependency on products and energy sources that negatively impact the world and its wildlife. There are few greater rewards in life than having wildlife visit or reside your backyard. Not only will they provide you with endless hours of entertainment, they can also help reduce your stress level and may even lower your blood pressure! Whether you have a small patio or 20-acres of land, you can turn it into a backyard wildlife habitat that is stunningly beautiful and richly rewarding. You can attract songbirds, butterflies, amphibians, squirrels, rabbits or even larger wildlife such as deer or moose. The purpose of creating a wildlife landscape is to encourage wildlife to visit or take up residence in your backyard. In order to accomplish this certain things need to be considered.