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Dave Hartvigsen, vice president of sales and marketing for national park concessioner, Xanterra Parks & Resorts, indicates that 'we do expect the summer 2012 season to be as busy as it was in 2011. ' As it's important to book in advance, especially for the summer, visit the Xanterra's Yellowstone National Park website for general information on the parks, lodging descriptions, rates, and availability. *Educate yourself -- Do your research and make reservations online. Read about the lodges and parks you want to visit. Know what to expect. *For a Yellowstone visit, go to Yellowstone National Park's localized website, especially to check on event schedules during a busy season. *Review general National Park information -- An excellent source for general, national park information is the National Park Service's website. Yellowstone National Park is magnificent, and it's huge. Enjoy its prolific wildlife, but don't miss its wonderland of geothermal spectacles. The world's largest collection of geysers was one of the critical reasons for the 1872 creation of America's first national park. An informative Yellowstone National Park FAQ Sheet is available online.

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Urban sprawl is rapidly advancing across the United States. Dense forests and vast prairies are being broken up, deforested and developed in a patchwork of neighborhoods and shopping malls, cutting animals off from hunting grounds, breeding areas and protective habitats. The grass lawns, streets and parking lots that are resurrected in their place do little to provide any of these important functions to local wildlife populations threatened by urban or suburbanization, creating a significant risk for entire species of wild animals. Urbanization is a problem for the environment. However, there is a solution. Urbanization does not have to mean an "us or them" proposition between humans and wildlife.