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A number of animals nurtured in zoos have been reintroduced into the wilderness. A little over half a century ago, zoos had the animals kept in bare cages for public viewing. Today, with the help of scientific research, most zoos try to create an environment that closely resembles the animals' natural surroundings. Many of the zoos today also try to make their visitors more cognizant of the distinctive behavior of each animal and of the importance of their (zoos') conservation efforts. The presence of certain species in zoos guarantees their continued existence or prevents their kind from becoming extinct. One very important tool in ensuring the conservation of endangered species is 'captive breeding.

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In a press release by the friends, Lenore Beyer-Clow, Woodstock, Illinois resident and Policy Director at Openlands stated: "A small group of people cared passionately enough about the natural spaces near where they live to pursue a dream of giving the area national recognition. Today, we are thrilled with the result: The authorization of the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. " The Chicago Adventure Travel Examiner is also thrilled to know a new national wildlife refuge is only seventy miles away promising protection for outdoor recreation. Subscribe to my articles with the button at the top of this page. Examiner. com does not share or sell your email address and there is no spam.