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Animal Intervention

Search online or browse through Photographer's Market to find book publishers interested in buying wildlife photos. Companies with an educational or environmental slant are your best bets for selling your photos. These organizations use a number of wildlife photos to get their message across. Send out queries, including samples of your photography work to spark their interest in buying your photos. Browse through the magazine area at your local library or do an online search for nature magazines in need of wildlife photos. Photographer's Market is another source for finding magazines that buy wildlife photos. Showcase your portfolio of wildlife photos on your own website. The use of SEO tactics and an online marketing plan will help potential buyers find your website. Your online portfolio is also useful when querying via email to buyers, as they can simply clink on a link to view your best work. Throughout the nation there is an important struggle taking place. This struggle is the fight to save wildlife and the habitat they depend on for survival.

Futur Habitat Loss and the Conservation of Plant Biodiversity

If it gets wrapped around their mouth, they will eventually starve to death. If it gets wrapped around their necks, they will eventually choke to death. Solution: Cut the six pack holders up into little pieces so that their is no circles left and dispose of them in a trash can. Twine, rope and wire can all get tangled around an animal. When disposing of these items, try to tie them into a big knot or in the instance of wire, twist them into a ball or knot and throw them away in a trash can. Small items can look like food to an animal.