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What kind of an economic impact does this group of people have on the nation's economy and on the economy of North Dakota? Before the question of economic impact by wildlife watchers can be answered, there is one other question to answer. What is a wildlife watcher? The answer to this question will seem easy after a little explaining. Wildlife watchers include those people who enjoy just watching wildlife in a natural setting and often these people will even entice the wildlife to a certain area by planting or placing food that the wildlife are attracted to in that area. These wildlife watchers can be any of the people who watch and/or attempt to identify wildlife, such as bird watchers. They are also those people who photograph wildlife as well as anyone who feeds wildlife on a regular basis, even just with a bird feeder in their yard. Also, a person who maintains a minimum of a quarter of an acre of land in its natural state for the benefit of wildlife as its primary purpose is considered a wildlife watcher and anyone who plants vegetation with benefiting wildlife in mind, such as agricultural crops or shrubs, is considered to be a wildlife watcher.

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The spring flowers are popular with butterflies. Hawthorns are members of the rose family and do have thorns up to 2 inches in length along the stems. There is a large number of Hawthorn species with native varieties being the best choice for wildlife. They have attractive orange or bronze fall foliage. Give these trees a sunny location. Flowers and fruit: Thick clusters of flowers in spring with orange-red berries that last into winter.