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Register online and save $2. 00 on each participant. This fee is very affordable, especially knowing that the proceeds all go to a good cause and the money goes towards an afternoon of unique family fun. A movie with the family would be just as expensive, probably more after popcorn and drinks enter the picture. While movies are great, the Hike and Seek outing will be a different type of fun families can enjoy. Some of the benefits that hiking provides for families as taken from the National Wildlife Federation Hike and Seek website: Studies show that by getting your kids back outside, they will be more physically active, more creative in their play, less aggressive and have better concentration.

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Birds and small animals will visit a water source to drink and bathe so provide a bird bath if you don't want to install a pond. Worms will fertilize the soil. However, ponds will encourage creatures to become permanent residents. Make sure there is a shallow area for birds to stand on to bathe and that the sides slope gently so creatures can climb out should they fall in. Plant around the sides of the pond to provide cover and habitats. Frogs and toads will be drawn to a pond no matter what its size and will fill the water with spawn. Other creatures such as water beetles, pond skaters, water snails, newts, damselflies and dragonflies will also be visitors too. Look out for dragonfly nymphs as they climb from the water because the process of shedding their skins and emerging as adults is fascinating for children of all ages. By catering for your pets needs in a family garden can be great fun and very fulfilling. Providing the right environment means your interests and theirs will not clash and you can enjoy each others company. Small pets, rabbits and guinea pigs for example, are happiest in a secure run on a lawn.