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Wildlife need sheltered spots to raise their offspring or future generations will not survive. Much of what I planted that provides cover also serves as a place to raise young. But there are some additional steps I've taken to specifically provide places to raise young. First, I've planted milkweed. Milkweed is the only source of food for caterpillars of monarch butterflies. Monarch butterflies cannot reproduce without milkweed.

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Twenty-four months will need to be scheduled to allow for reviewing and revising of the Illinois Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy. Throughout the nation there is an important struggle taking place. This struggle is the fight to save wildlife and the habitat they depend on for survival. There are many partners in this struggle, including the United States Fish and Wildlife Services, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and state wildlife agencies. Funds are available for conserving and restoring wildlife populations throughout America for each individual state. However, before any state can receive this funding they must have developed a "wildlife action plan" better known as the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy, by October 1, 2005.