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34 is another good place to spot bighorn sheep. Two coyotes play in windswept and snowy Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo credit: 2011 Randall K. Roberts ' Fort Collins Greenbelt: This riparian habitat along the Poudre River provides excellent opportunity to view wildlife right in town. The area is home to red fox, beaver, deer, racoons and ground squirrels. Birders will also find much to see in this area including osprey, Canada geese, ducks, bald eagles and golden eagles.

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Start by standing in your backyard and drawing a sketch of the elements that are already in place. Decide where you would like to place a water feature. Sketch in new trees, shrubs, and plants and experiment with various layouts that will suit your needs. Another option is to cut photos from a magazine or download images from the Internet. Arrange the images in the manner you intend to plant them, than paste them onto a poster board or piece of paper. Take photos of your backyard and use them as a reference point.