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Second, I've added nesting boxes. These often attract bird families. It's helpful to have several with each in a different location so that birds may choose the spot they like best. Some nesting boxes (birdhouses) are a cute garden ornament. If birdhouses are spaced far enough apart and food is plentiful, you may see more than one nesting pair. The way you maintain your lawn and garden can have an effect on the local wildlife, your health, and the health of your neighbours. We hire a lawn service that uses non-toxic organic pesticides, and I garden organically without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. I don't have a compost bin, but we use all of our fall leaves as mulch for the gardens\ and put none on the curb. When I have vegetable peelings such as corn husks, I use them as mulch in an unobtrusive spot in the garden. We leave our grass clippings on the lawn or use them as garden mulch. The oldest existing zoo, according to the Wikipedia, is the Vienna Zoo in Austria which was founded in 1753.

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View slideshow:Visit some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the U. S. *At Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, founder Carole Baskin's vision is to end the abuse and abandonment of captive exotic animals and promote preservation of the species in the wild. According to Baskin, this educational sanctuary strives to give the cats "the best care we can while. educating the public on the plight of these animals so that some day there will be no need for a sanctuary to exist. " From tigers to lions, cougars, leopards, and bobcats, the big cats at this refuge are a stunning sight to see. Many of them started life as house pets or were bred for their fur.