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The cost to spend the weekend with these amazing elephants and get the chance to visit with them up close cost seven hundred dollars per weekend, which includes a place to stay for the weekend and food. However, you must be at least eighteen years of age to spend the weekend at the particular sanctuary for safety reasons. Some of the things you will be doing up close with an elephant during your weekend stay inside Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary will be helping the elephants care keepers to trim the elephants toes, bath them, feed them and play with them. You will even have the chance to help walk the elephants with the elephant care keepers as well. At night time inside Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary you will learn about African and Asian elephants by watching movies, having discussions, and by helping prepare elephant food for them to eat during their meal time. Some of the things you will learn about while your inside the sanctuary maybe proper elephant care, where the elephants came from and the type of environment they enjoy living in.

Wildlife Taxidermy

Urban sprawl is rapidly advancing across the United States. Dense forests and vast prairies are being broken up, deforested and developed in a patchwork of neighborhoods and shopping malls, cutting animals off from hunting grounds, breeding areas and protective habitats. The grass lawns, streets and parking lots that are resurrected in their place do little to provide any of these important functions to local wildlife populations threatened by urban or suburbanization, creating a significant risk for entire species of wild animals. Urbanization is a problem for the environment. However, there is a solution. Urbanization does not have to mean an "us or them" proposition between humans and wildlife.