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But as is so often the case with the formation of a refuge, there is great benefit to mankind as well. The existence of the refuge has meant the preservation of a large span of undeveloped coastal property that will allow visitors from now into perpetuity to see what the Gulf Coast had once looked like before development. Visiting National Wildlife Refuges in Alabama is a trip into nature but also through history. According to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service at http://www.

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These eight elements are: Information on the Distribution and Abundance of Species of Wildlife; Descriptions of Extent and Conditions of Habitats and Community Types; Descriptions of Problems and Priority Research and Survey Efforts; Descriptions of Conservation Actions; Proposed Plans for Monitoring Species Identified and Their Habitats; Description of Procedures to Review the Plan; Plans for Coordinating the Development, Implementation, Review and Revision of the Plan with Federal, State, Local Agencies and Indian Tribes; and Broad Public Participation. Texas had 669 aquatic and terrestrial wildlife species classified as wildlife species of greatest conservation need (GCN). Of these 669 GCN, 272 are insects, 163 are birds, 104 are fish, 53 are mammals, 21 are mussels, 19 are reptiles, 15 are amphibians, 11 are snails and 11 are crayfish. Problems or threats to the GCN species populations in Texas are commercial and industrial development, landfill construction or operation, dams, road construction, urban development, water diversion, municipal and industrial point source, commercial harvest, conversion of riparian forests, excessive non-commercial harvest or collection, channel maintenance and confined animal operations. Other problems or threats to GCN species are crop production practices, excessive groundwater withdrawal, fire suppression, management of or for certain species, channel alteration, exotic species, parasites, pathogens, recreation, grazing, predation, forestry activities and resource extraction. The Texas Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy has addressed these problems or threats to the GCN species population with wildlife conservation actions.