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The following tips are just a few examples of common items that harm wildlife. Use these tips as an example that can apply to all of your trash. Think about everything that you throw away and ask yourself if it poses a threat to wildlife. If it does, ask yourself what you can do to help minimize the danger. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up, even if it is not yours. You could save an animals life. Plastic bags are a big hazard to wildlife. Plastic bags pose a risk for suffocation as well as choking. All wildlife can suffocate if trapped inside of a plastic bag. Plastic bags are a big danger to marine life. Plastic bags floating in water can be mistaken by marine animals for jelly fish.

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Bighorn sheep usually prefer steep, high mountain terrain, but can be seen visiting sheep lakes in Horseshoe Park throughout the year. Nearby Big Thompson canyon, along U. S. 34 is another good place to spot bighorn sheep. Two coyotes play in windswept and snowy Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo credit: 2011 Randall K. Roberts ' Fort Collins Greenbelt: This riparian habitat along the Poudre River provides excellent opportunity to view wildlife right in town. The area is home to red fox, beaver, deer, racoons and ground squirrels. Birders will also find much to see in this area including osprey, Canada geese, ducks, bald eagles and golden eagles. ' Hamilton Reservoir Viewing area: This is an excellent area to see waterfowl and waterbirds, as well as bald eagles, November through February. Golden eagles frequent the area year round.