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Today NWF lobbying efforts center on climate and clean energy initiatives, and NWF continues work to safeguard wildlife and habitat. From legislative work to donating land for bald eagle habitats, the NWF implements innovative solutions. National Wildlife, NWF's magazine, credits the organization's efforts to ban lead shot used in waterfowl hunting for preventing death from lead poisoning for millions of birds across 27 species. Current NWF efforts center on animals and habitat impacted by the Gulf oil spill, polar bears and other species adversely impacted by climate change, and eradication of invasive species like the Asian Carp that threaten indigenous species' survival. In addition to conservation, NWF expends enormous effort on outreach and education. By helping children connect to nature, NWF fosters greater environmental stewardship within our youth. In 1958, NWF introduced Ranger Rick to children. Ranger Rick, the magazine, began publication in 1968 inspiring children with the Ranger Rick pledge to "explore the wonders of nature and learn the importance of every living thing. " As a child, I looked forward each month to getting my Ranger Rick, and the magazine motivated my first activist action, circulating a petition to ban baby seal hunting. NWF expanded its outreach to children by adding two magazine formats, Animal Baby (for 2 - 4 year olds) and Your Big Backyard (for ages 4 - 7). Always innovating, the NWF website reaches even more children and their parents.

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Logically one would expect our state wildlife agencies to expend greater efforts educating the public about wildlife care protocol, and expecting nuisance trappers to behave ethically with our wildlife. But that is unfortunately not a priority for them. That protocol becomes a priority for millions of Samaritans that come upon an injured or orphaned creature that may need their help. Or does he? How are we to know? Taking some time to learn about the sentient creatures we share our backyards with can be surprisingly interesting – and beneficial. A fawn in the grass, a few young skunks behind your garage, a litter of raccoons in your attic, or an opossum on the side of the road with babies in her pouch; there is help to know exactly what we are supposed to do, and each specie can be quite different. The links in this article, and below, will direct you to specific information and where to find help.