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Fish and Wildlife Service. The Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp act passed in 1934 and Darling designed the artwork for the first Federal Duck Stamp. Since that time, the Federal Duck Stamp program has generated over $700 million dollars for purchase of 5. 2 million acres of National Wildlife Refuge land. Darling used the Duck Stamp idea to craft NWF conservation stamps, an instrumental way for the early organization to raise funds. In 1936 under Darling's urging, President Franklin Roosevelt invited thousands of sportsmen and conservationists representing hundreds of groups from garden clubs to hunters to the American Wildlife Conference.

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If you are not into driving through the African Safari Wildlife Park inside your car like your on a real safari ride searching for wild animals, you could always visit some of their African animal exhibits inside their park as well where you have to actually get out of your vehicle and walk around in order to see some more fabulous wild animals. However, I think driving in your own vehicle through the African Safari Wildlife Park is awesome and exciting to do because you actually feel like you're on a Safari adventure looking for wild animals out in Africa. The different types of wild animals you will be seeing inside the African Safari Wildlife Park will be giraffes, camels, warthogs, alpacas, white zebras, giant elands, and tons more exciting wild animals. You will even have the chance to feed any wild animal that comes right up to your vehicle because at the beginning of your safari adventure the staff at the African Safari Wildlife Park will give you a free bucket of food. Feeding the animals from your vehicle will allow you to pet the animals and get the chance to meet some wild animals from Africa up close and in person. After your African Safari Wildlife Park Drive Thru Adventure you will be able to walk through the walk through African Safari Wildlife area where you will be able to ride camels and meet with other amazing African wild animals.