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A visit to Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge begins best with a stop at the Visiors Center where you can see interpretive exhibits and get and overview of what you might expect to expereince during your visit. You may also enjoy checking out the Observation Building which gives you a chance to use spotting scopes to locate various species of birds in the display pool. From the visitors center you may want to try a short hiking trail. There are even picnic tables available for you use. There are lots of special environmental education programs that go on at Wheeler year round. There is also a summer camp and volunteer days that may interest you and your family It is possible to enjoy Wheeler year round but some in the state also take advantage of the assigned hunting and fishing seasons within the refuge to enjoy their favorite sport. There are 6 developed boat ramps and several undeveloped areas that will let you get your craft on the water. Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, Gulf Shores, AL Much smaller thatn the huge Wheeler refuge, Bon Secour comprises only 7,000 acres. But what it does with that acreage is considerable. Established in 1980 the refuge has been set aside for non-game migratory birds who are making their way south to lower Florida, Mexico or the Caribbean. More than 350 species of birds have been spotted at Bon Secour which makes the refuge a big draw for birders young and old alike.

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It isn't uncommon in rural areas, just outside of metro-Atlanta to see turkeys strutting around yards, and out into the streets, and this with Thanksgiving around the corner. Either turkeys aren't very smart, or they realize they can't be hunted this time of year. Dove hunting is also popular in Georgia. The seasons for dove hunting vary throughout the year. The current schedule is September 1-15, October 6-15, and November 22 - January 5. Fox and bobcat are not animals we like running around Georgia.