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" A wildlife conservationist works to protect the environment by protecting and managing grasslands, woodlands, mountains, rivers, coastal areas and marine habitats. As a wildlife conservationist, you will encourage communities to understand and preserve the natural environment around them. Wildlife conservationists also work to save endangered species and protect their habitats. For Habitat Conservation, an important job of a wildlife conservationist is preserving the habitats of animals. This may include planting trees or working in coastal areas to battle "coastal erosion. " Some animals in danger of becoming extinct are kept and cared for at places such as "wildlife refuges " or "big game reserves.

Plant Colour As a Visual Aspect of Biological Conservation

The story was that the well was capped and all was well in the Gulf and on the Gulf coast. "On June 15 2010, about 77 miles from the Deepwater Horizon accident site, the crew of the NOAA research vessel Pisces came across a dead sperm whale, floating in the water," Greenpeace stated in a written statement. "The whale was rotting, had probably been dead for a few days to a week, was likely a sub-adult, and parts of its carcass had been eaten by sharks. That same day, NOAA observers on another vessel at the Macondo well site in the Gulf saw five sperm whales, including a juvenile, covered in oil. Two days later, NOAA issued a press release about the dead whale, announcing that it would have tests conducted to determine the cause of death. "The unfortunate whale, and some revealing e-mail exchanges, including the revelation that the crew of the Pisces was instructed not to post or disseminate any pictures they took.